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This is the season for stylish coats, warm beverages, and hearty soups. Starting as a celebratory meal of Haitian Independence in 1804, pumpkin soup has made its way across the world. Aside from being an autumn delicacy, the pumpkin has been used as a ward against superstitions as well as a symbol for fall harvesting.
This recipe is no exception from these seasonal pastimes. With its delightfully roasted flavor and hint of sweetness added by the pumpkin, carrots and leeks, this soup will warm your soul and comfort your heart. In just a few simple steps, you can prepare yourself this hearty yet smooth soup to tantalize your taste buds.
Although it is not an ancient Italian tradition, the Fettunta helps to embrace the Tuscan roots along with providing a slight crunch that makes this pumpkin soup appealing to all senses.

Cooking: 40 min

Cottura: 10 min



— 1kg pumpkin

— 2 carrots

— 1 large onion

— 1 large leek

— 2 cloves of garlic

— 40cl cream

— 1 sprig of thyme

— Salt and pepper

— 8 thin slices of tuscan bread

— Extra virgin olive oil


  1. Make sure you have a ripe and full flavored pumpkin. Peel and chop your pumpkin in small chunks, (preheat your oven to 180c) then place them in a oven tray, season with salt and pepper, drizzle some olive oil and sprigs of thyme. cover with tin foil (this prevents the pumpkin coloring) and bake until your pumpkin is soft. (this process allows you to obtain a roasted flavor in your dish and maintains maximum flavor).
  2. Clean, wash and peel your carrots, onion,leek and garlic, then dice finely. Once you have done that, sweat and sauté in a large pot with extra virgin olive oil on a low medium heat and cook until your soffritto is translucent and soft. Season.
  3. Pass now you pumpkin and soffritto in a food mill or puree with an immersion blender or a food processor add the cream, check again your seasoning and adjust to taste.
  4. For the Fettunta toast your tuscan bread, and rub with garlic and finnish with a little salt and extra virgin olive oil. Serve with a little sour cream or toasted pumpkin seeds and chives.

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