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Also known as rock-melon or cantaloupe, make sure you select the sweetest and ripest melon, it is the quality of the melon that will shine in this dish.
Prosciutto is cured pork, air dried and salted for up to 18 months; prosciutto Toscano has a great balance of salt and sweet and it is that saltiness that works so perfect with the ripe sweetness of the melon, but with this original classic I found there was always something missing. A touch of acidity too cut through the fat of the prosciutto can balances out this dish nicely and a gremolata works well in this case. Gremolata is traditionally served on top of Ossobuco milanese, a combination of lemon zest, juice, capers, parsley and olive oil, it is this punch that wakens this old classic up, and of course the cherry tomatoes offer a sweet seasonal touch.
A light and refreshing starter or main course, this is something I would like too eat every day during the hot summer months.

Cooking: 20 min



— 2 melons

— 20 slices Tuscan Prosciutto (thin)

— 1 lemon

— 1 orange

— Small bunch parsley

— 20gr capers

— 200g cherry tomates

— 200ml extra virgin olive oil


  1. First you need to make your Gremolata. This is the combination of orange and lemon zest with a fine micro-plane and obtaining the juice.
  2. Wash your capers under water to remove some of the salt, dry and chop fine, also chop fine your parsley. Quarter your cherry tomatoes and combine all together with the juice, zest, capers, parsley and olive oil and this is your dressing for the dish.
  3. Clean your melon by deseeding and removing the skin, cut in lengthways nice wedges. Plate your dish by laying the prosciutto over your melon like a blanket and then finnish with your citrus and cherry tomato Gremolata.

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