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One of the bright spots of grey Tuscan winters is the bounty of porcini mushrooms that the season brings. Here is a perfect solution for the abundance of these earthy gems: a creamy, robust filling for tortelli drizzled with a simple, delicate sauce.

This earthy pasta dish brings together two formidable ingredients: burrata, a cheese from Puglia that’s mozzarella on the outside with a wonderfully creamy filling; and porcinis, a mushroom that packs serious flavor. Along with some ricotta cheese, the burrata and porcinis make a substantial filling that cultivate the taste of home and gathering. Have some fun with the dish and try making your own pasta sheets; the ingredient list is short and process is simple. Plus you’ll reap dividends in flavorful, tender tortelli.

This is the perfect dish to savor among close friends and family. So gather everyone around your table to share a plate of warm, comforting pasta while the chill of winter settles outside.

Cooking: 1 h

Cottura: 20 min



— 200g semolina
— 200g plain flour
— 2 eggs
— 2 egg yolks
— 15ml extra virgin olive oil
— 40ml warm water
— Pinch of salt

— 2 ripe tomatoes (slice and deseeded)
— 200g mushrooms in season (cleaned and sliced)
— 200g Parmigiano Reggiano
— 100ml milk
— Thyme

— 200g burrata (fresh)
— 100g fresh porcini mushrooms (cleaned)
— 50g fresh ricotta


  1. Mix all your ingredients for your pasta dough, kneed well and cover with plastic wrap and allow to rest for at least 30min in the fridge. For your filling, chop in small dice your porcini and sauté in pan with olive oil until tender, then mix in a bowl with your Burrata cheese and ricotta, season with salt and pepper. Set your filling in the fridge to cool.
  2. Too make your tortelli, roll your pasta dough into sheets at the finest/thinnest setting your pasta roller will do. (the thinner the better) Cut into large circles or any size you like. (two circles per tortelli) Spoon in a good amount of filling, in the middle on one circle, brush lightly water around the edges (acts as a glue) and place the second pasta circle over the filling, pressing the edges and pushing out any air, too form your tortelli. Bring a large pot of water too the boil, season with salt. You can cook your tortelli to order or precook for 2min and chill in the fridge until needed.
  3. For your cheese fondue, Bring your milk too a simmer and mix in the parmesan cheese, stir until the cheese has melted and has a smooth silky texture.
    In a pan, saute your mushrooms and tomato until cooked, season with salt and pepper. Now it is time to build your dish.
  4. Cook your pasta until tender and hot, place a spoon on Parmesan fondu on the bottom of your plate, plate your tortelli,(making sure they overlap to retain heat) then some more fondu onto. Dress with your seasonal mushrooms and tomato. Finish with sprigs of thyme and extra virgin olive oil. Serve immediately.

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